Clann Community, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, seeks to expressing something of the Celtic monastic tradition in a contemporary way.  The journey is to deepen our own spiritual lives along with others. We welcome everyone, no matter who you are, where you’ve come from and where you’re going.  We hope that Clann is an open and welcome space where we can journey together.

‘Clann’, as you might have guessed, simply means ‘family’ ‘tribe’ or ‘children.’  We seek to be a family who strike the balance between Prayer and the Inner Life, Connection with the World, and as a Community committed to one another.

We seek to develop a cycle of Gatherings on Monday evenings which cover times for prayer, community engagement, creation care, meditation, food and drink, moot discussions, and the arts. The invitation is to come along and ‘be’.  We want to encourage people to come as they are and explore this rhythm of life.

We started our Gatherings in October 2014.

much grace,